After many hours of rain in the day, the weather cleared as evening approaches, the skyline changed into this beauty.

Off the eastern side of Bintan, Indonesia

A beautiful skyline, clear water, peaceful and zen, a place where it's perfect to sit and just enjoy the view and tranquility.

Amphawa, Thailand

A monk on his canoe, rowing in the tranquil and quiet space, for his daily almsround (or pindacara) to collect food.


One of the 5000 varieties of Orchids and hybrids showcased at the recent 20th World Orchid Conference in Singapore.


A fireworks display during one of Singapore's National Day Parade 2011 rehearsals, at the Marina Bay Singapore. Check out my fireworks photography tips here -

A Flashing Guiding Light

An unforgettable memory from Singapore Biennale 2008.

Light at the end of the tunnel

Walking towards the light at the end of the tunnel - Singapore Biennale 2008

This road was once common

A road in Pulau Ubin, a small island off mainland Singapore, rustic, peaceful, a quick getaway away from the hustle and bustle of city life on mainland Singapore.

A loyal supporter of the KTM Railway

On the last day of the KTM Railway services in Singapore, this old lady was sitting alone, quietly and in deep thoughts, watching the last trains arriving and departing Tanjong Pagar Railway Station.

Night scenery of Huang Pu River and Pudong, Shanghai

Shanghai, Pearl of the Orient, a night scenery of Pudong District and the Huang Pu River.

Alien Spaceship docking beside silos ?

This is not an alien spaceship docking beside some silos, this is Marina Bay Sands on the right with the SuperTrees from Gardens By The Bay, in Singapore.

Penalty !

Canon Lion City Cup 2011 - A mis-tackle from behind, resulting in a penalty awarded to the Singapore U14s.


Singapore's U15 football team at the Singapore Lion City Cup 2011 , runners-up to Flamengo from Brazil.

United together as Winners

Daveta from Fiji, winning the 64th SCC 7s in Singapore, uniting and hosting the Ablitt Cup up high together.

Let the rays shine through !

During an evening in 2008, the sunset rays shine through the Marina Bay from the Singapore Flyer.

National Day Parade 2011 Fireworks!

A bird's eye view from Level 33 Restaurant, located at Marina Bay Financial Centre, Marina Bay Singapore. Check out my fireworks photography tips here -


One of the many beautiful orchids on display at 20th World Orchid Conference Singapore 2011.

Can you see the end of the journey?

This railway track in Singapore is no longer around, it's removed and now lies just a footpath.


Studio Festi from Italy, performing in Singapore during Singapore Night Festival 2008. Amazing & beautiful, elegant & classic! More story here -

Candle Night 2011

A sea of lights at Candle Night 2011, held at Marina Bay, Singapore.

Eclipse 10th December 2011

This is part of the total (lunar) eclipse photographed from Singapore's Marina Bay on 10th December 2011.

Eclipse 10th Dec 2011

Another scene of the total eclipse captured on 10th December 2011, from Singapore's Marina Bay.

Bukit Brown Cemetery Singapore

A cemetery in Singapore that holds great significance in heritage, history and culture. The fate and future of this heritage is unknown, with the Singapore Government having future development plans for this area.

Marina Bay New Year Eve Countdown Fireworks (from Singapore Flyer)

Photo taken from Singapore Flyer Thanks you Singapore Flyer and Marina Bay Division of URA for this special arrangement. Check out my fireworks photography tips here -

Sunset - 7th January 2012

Year of the Dragon 2012 - Chinatown, Singapore

15s long exposure of the Dragon sculptures, welcoming the Year of Dragon - Chinatown, Singapore.

Old Void Deck in Singapore Our Void Decks, Our Shared Spaces by National Heritage Board, a traveling exhibition, The exhibition is currently on display at the void deck of Blk 2, Saint George’s Road for the month of April before travelling to Marine Parade and over void decks around Singapore.

Key Frames

Key Frames by Groupe LAPS from France, at the i Light Marina Bay Festival 2012, at Marina Bay, Singapore

Let the blue ring lights attract you to The Gate!

Applying blue light painting in front of Li Hui's Light Art installation - The Gate @ i Light Marina Bay Light Art Festival.

Marina Bay Waterfront of Singapore

Marina Bay Sands, Helix Bridge and Art Science Museum at the Marina Bay Waterfront, Singapore. The Art Science Museum is now part of the 31 installations for i Light Marina Bay Light Art Festival 2012!

The Singapore icon Merlion in colours !

The Merlion, a Singapore icon, is part of the 31 light art installations of i Light Marina Bay 2012.

A Void Deck - Forgotten Our Void Decks, Our Shared Spaces by National Heritage Board, a traveling exhibition, The exhibition is currently on display at the void deck of Blk 2, Saint George’s Road for the month of April before travelling to Marine Parade and over void decks around Singapore.

Sitting, relaxing and watching people

Tested the FujiFilm X-Pro1, with their Monochrome Colour Filter, straight out from the camera. Here's my review -

On the straight road running home

Tested the FujiFilm X-Pro1, with their Monochrome Colour Filter, straight out from the camera. My review here -

New Face of Asia 2012 Contestant

One of the 12 contestants of New Face of Asia 2012 - Jia Yi Zhen

Next Face of Asia 2012 - Paula V

The winner of Next Face of Asia 2012 - Paula V


Canon Lion City Cup 2011 3rd and 4th Place match

This used to be my Playground

Monochrome photograph taken straight out of the Canon 5D Mark 3 (Monochrome settings)

Old & Modern Singapore CBD Landscape

A bird's eye view of an Old and Modern Singapore Central Business District Landscape in the Tanjong Pagar District, shot straight out from the Canon 5Dmk3 HDR settings.

Gardens By The Bay - The SuperTrees

A night scene of The SuperTrees from Gardens By The Bay, located at Marina South area in Singapore.

On top of the SuperTrees @ Gardens By The Bay

Gardens By The Bay is opening soon! Check out more information here!

Where's the Mail ?

An old mailbox design, going to be a rare sight in Singapore soon.

Night Scenery of MBS and SuperTrees

The night scenery landscape of Marina Bay Sands and the SuperTrees from Gardens By The Bay from Marina Barrage in Singapore

The Waterfall of Cloud Forest

The waterfall inside the Cloud Forest Dome at Gardens By The Bay, in the Marina Bay region of Singapore.

Starry Starry Night Under the Flower Dome

The beautiful starry night lights above the sky and roof top of the Flower Dome at the Gardens By The Bay in Singapore.

In the valley of the Cloud Forest

At the foot of the Cloud Forest at Gardens By The Bay in Singapore.

Standing tall and proud on Tanjong Pagar Railway Platform

The Tanjong Pagar Railway Platform is no longer in use, the Grand Old Dame future is still unknown. This small plant stands tall and proud on the railway platform even when nobody is using this place currently. My story here -

Looking Through Another Brick in The Wall

Inspired by Pink Floyd song "Another Brick in the Wall". Looking through another brick in the wall and remembering back in time the history and memories of Tanjong Pagar Railway Station. My story here -

Fireworks at Marina Bay Singapore!

Fireworks from the 3 Combined Rehearsal for Singapore's National Day Parade 2012, shot from Gardens By The Bay East. Fireworks Photography Tips here -

A Lone Hanging Orchid

Taken at Singapore Garden Festival 2012 at Suntec City Convention Centre. My story and coverage here -

Gardens By The Bay (Night HDR)

The Gardens By The Bay South in Singapore was officially opened on the 28th June 2012. The SuperTrees Grove taken at night in HDR straight out from Canon 5D Mk III.

Fireworks at Marina Bay Singapore (from Marina Promontory)

The 4th Combined Rehearsal fireworks for Singapore's upcoming National Day Parade 2012 celebrations! Taken from the Marina Promontory location. Check out my fireworks photography tips here -

My Childhood Old Playground

This is the playground that I grew up playing in. Today, this is affectionately known as an Old Playground, not many survived modernisation in Singapore. Today, while most of the structure remains, some things were gone - Swinging bridge between them - The tyre swings below the it - The sand compound the houses the playground - The see-saw

Walking Home With You

A couple's late night walk home from the park, along the quiet highway. Straight out from the Canon 5D Mark III without any further post processing.

Marina Bay and Raffles Place (taken from Marina Bay Sands)

A landscape photographer's favourite blue hour timing. This is the Marina Bay and Raffles Place area of Singapore, taken from the front of the Art Science Museum, located at Marina Bay Sands. Shot straight out of from Canon 1DX with EF 17-40mm without any post processing.

Fireworks at Marina Bay (from Marina Bay Sands)

The 5th Combined Rehearsal Fireworks for Singapore's upcoming National Day Parade 2012 celebrations! Taken from the promenade front of Art Science Museum at Marina Bay Sands in Marina Bay Singapore. Shot straight out of Canon 1DX with 17-40mm without further post processing. Check out my fireworks photography tips here -

Relaxing and Chatting

A group of friends relaxing and chatting by the sofa chairs in a barber shop known as Bugs Bunny in Toa Payoh heartlands. Shot straight out of Canon 1DX with 40mm f2.8 pancake lens using Monochrome.

Sunset From the 50th Storey Skybridge

The sunset taken from Singapore's highest public housing estate, the Pinnacle @ Duxton. The 50th Storey SkyBridge has a magnificent view of Singapore's Southern region, the Harbour and Tanjong Pagar Container Terminal. Captured with the Canon 1DX, putting the ISO to its test at 12800.

A Back Alley in Modern Singapore

The Back Alley today in modern Singapore is very different from the early days of Singapore. While it is not the same as before, the back alley still retains her charm and my childhood memories. Taken with Canon 1DX with EF 40mm f2.8 pancake lens.

Can you see the drawing on the sand ?

The Old Playgrounds of Singapore were filled with sand. Today, not many are left behind. The Old Dragon Playground is one of them, still standing tall and proud. She still retains her style and aura. Playing with the sand will forever be in my memory, my childhood memory.

Beautiful Smiles !

2 Beautiful Ladies Smiles - Priceless.

NDP 2012 Preview Fireworks!

A fireworks from Singapore's National Day Parade 2012 Preview at the Marina Bay Singapore. National Day Parade falls on 9th August and Singapore will be celebrating her birthday!

The Blue Hour of Marina Bay Singapore

The blue hour period at Marina Bay Singapore, taken during NDP 2012 Preview. It is so beautiful, surreal and tranquil in the busy cityscape of Singapore's Marina Bay area.

A Night (HDR) Scenery

A night HDR scenery of the buildings around Marina Bay - One Fullerton, Fullerton Bay Hotel, Customs House, OUE and office buildings from the Raffles Place area.

Happy 47th National Day Parade to Singapore!

Singapore celebrated her 47th birthday and fireworks was part of the show! Happy 47th Birthday Singapore!

A Beautiful Day in Singapore!

A beautiful afternoon in Singapore on the 9th August 2012. The Promontory @ Marina Bay is a great location to view Raffles Place, Fullerton, Marina Square, Marina Bay, Singapore Flyer and Marina Bay Sands.


The beautiful evening sunset on the 11th August 2012, along Sungai Ulu Pandan.

What's the Future for this Railway Track?

The Old Jurong Line Railway Track in Singapore, along the Clementi Woodlands area. The freight train operations ceased in late 80s and early 90s and the railway tracks remained till today. The Clementi Woodlands is a beautiful greenery area, giving the area a lush, tranquil and peaceful aura. I hope that this will remain at it is forever.

Standing Tall and Firm

A Grey Heron, a resident bird in Singapore, spotted along Sungai Ulu Pandan. This bird was standing tall and firm, hidden away by the grassland around it.

Entering the Twilight Zone

On the Tanjong Pagar KTM Railway Station platform and walking ahead into the twilight zone, going back in time to the glory days of the Tanjong Pagar KTM Railway Station.

A Mirror Reflection

A mirror reflection of Marina Bay Sands in the night on the calm waters of Dragonfly Lake located inside Gardens By The Bay East at Marina Bay Singapore. Photo is straight out from Canon 5D Mark III in-built function High Dynamic Range (HDR) Shooting.

Welcome to the SuperTrees Arena

The Gardens By The Bay East located in Marina Bay, Singapore. It's officially opened to the public and it's a very popular destination for both locals and visitors. More details of the official opening here -

A Stairway into History

This stairway will move into history books because this block will be demolished to make way for future redevelopments. This stairway belongs to one of the SIT Flats at Silat Estate in Singapore. Most residents have been relocated and this will soon go into history books. Cross-Processed firstly via Canon DPP software HDR tool and secondly Aperture Sepia effect.

Tranquility of a Low Tide

The low tide in the evening, at West Coast Park in Singapore. The peace, tranquility and calmness of the waves moving towards the shore, makes it a very relaxing and beautiful place to relax, unwind and enjoy.


Mylar, featuring Fuerzabruta by Ozono Producciones (Argentina). They performed at Singapore Night Festival 2012

Wicket !

Taken at the recent 2012 SCC Twenty20 Cricket Tournament in Singapore.

No Longer Operational

This was part of the Old Tanjong Pagar KTM Railway Station. It's no longer operational and this trolley stood there in this position untouched and unmoved.

What Do You See ?

Looking through a window to see the other window on the other side of the apartment. Taken at Silat Walk Estate in Singapore, the residents had vacated their homes and relocated elsewhere. This will soon be history.

Happy 40th Birthday to The Merlion!

The Merlion celebrated her 40th Birthday in Singapore on 15th September 2012 !

Felipe Massa of Ferrari

Ferrari's Felipe Massa at Turn 11 of 2012 Formula 1 Singtel Singapore GP Marina Bay Circuit during Third Practice Session on 22nd September 2012. Report here -

Michael Schumacher of Mercedes

The legendary Michael Schumacher in the Mercedes F1 negotiating Turn 11 at Singapore GP 2012. Report here -

Red Bull F1

The Red Bull F1 car at Turn 13 of the Marina Bay Circuit, Singapore GP 2012. Report here :

Jazz Encounters of the Russian Kind

A beautiful and mesmerising jazz performance by rspected Russian jazz pianist Yakov Okun, together with his band, the MosGorTrio (Makar Novikov on bass and Alexander Mashin on drums) along with Sergey Golovnya, widely considered to be the most talented saxophonist that has emerged from Russia in the last 20 years, and Anna Buturlina, one of Russia's most promising jazz stars. Performed in Singapore at School of The Arts on 27th September 2012. Here's my write up:

Mid Autumn Festival 2012 Full Moon

中秋节 aka Mid Autumn Festival 2012, 15th day of the Lunar Calendar 8th Month, taken on 30th September 2012. 今天是农历八月十五,祝大家中秋节快乐!

Bird Bathing Time

A bird soaking and bathing in Sungei Pandan Kechil, thoroughly enjoying themselves.

The Dragon Playground

The Old Dragon Playground, one of the few remaining Old Playgrounds in modern Singapore today. The simple and fun playgrounds of the older days have significantly changed over decades. The sand playgrounds are gradually replaced with a totally different type and design. The Old Dragon Playground is nostalgic and heart warming especially to those who grew up playing with them.

The Blue Hour at Raffles Place in Singapore

Along the Singapore River is Raffles Place, the heart of the financial district/Central Business District in Singapore. The blue hour in the evening above the tall office buildings, along with the lights from the buildings lights up a beautiful glow of blue hue.

Old Playground Swing

In my journey to photograph and document Old Playgrounds in Singapore. I am starting to locate more of them, bringing back many nice childhood memories at the old playgrounds.

There's No More Train Service

The former KTM Railway Bridge at Bukit Timah Road, just after Bukit Timah Railway Station. It's no longer in service and the railway tracks beyond this bridge is no longer there.

Walking towards the bright guiding light

Somewhere in the hustle and bustle of a modern cosmopolitan city life in Singapore, there are still beautiful pockets/areas of nature, flora and fauna. Somewhere along the Old Jurong Line of the KTM Railway lies this beautiful ligh, path and greenery surroundings.

Erawan Waterfall

Located in Erawan National Park, western Thailand. It's a very beautiful waterfall, tranquil and peaceful.

On The Old Railway Bridge

This Old Railway Bridge, standing tall and distinctive above the river, Sungei Ulu Pandan. She's affectionately known as the Sunset Way Railway Bridge and is part of the Old Jurong Line and the Green Corridor/Rail Corridor. She's a Grand Old Dame, like her fellow sister Railway Bridges at Bukit Timah area. She still stands tall and proud, with lots of history and heritage.

Dara/다라 of 2NE1

Dara/ 다라 of Korean superstars 2NE1 were brought in by Singtel to Singapore on 2nd November 2012. They gave an unexpected amazing surprise performance to their fans, performing at Read Bridge, Clarke Quay. Here's my coverage of 2NE1 surprise concert in Singapore -

A peaceful and quiet village by the sea

This peaceful and quiet village by the sea is located beside Pantai Trikora kelong a.k.a. Elly Kelong, JL Teluk Bakau KM 39. The pace of life is very laid-back and relaxing, away from the hectic hustle and bustle of a modern cosmopolitan city life in Singapore.

Bom/ 봄 of 2NE1

Bom/ 봄 of Korean superstars 2NE1 were brought in by Singtel to Singapore on 2nd November 2012. They gave an unexpected amazing surprise performance to their fans, performing at Read Bridge, Clarke Quay. Here's my coverage of 2NE1 surprise concert in Singapore -

CL/씨엘 of 2NE1

CL/씨엘 of Korean superstars 2NE1 were brought in by Singtel to Singapore on 2nd November 2012. They gave an unexpected amazing surprise performance to their fans, performing at Read Bridge, Clarke Quay. Here's my coverage of 2NE1 surprise concert in Singapore -

Minzy/민지 of 2NE1

Minzy/민지 of Korean superstars 2NE1 were brought in by Singtel to Singapore on 2nd November 2012. They gave an unexpected amazing surprise performance to their fans, performing at Read Bridge, Clarke Quay. Here's my coverage of 2NE1 surprise concert in Singapore -

Hunting For Food

An Egret hunting for food in the rain, unfazed and patiently searching and seeking for their dinner.

Top of The World

Above the beautiful white clouds at Mount Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia. Sabah is known as the Land Below The Wind. I was climbing down from Lows Peak, the summit of Mt Kinabalu and saw a fellow climber sitting there, enjoying this breathtaking absolutely beautiful scenery. Indeed, without a doubt, Mt Kinabalu is so gorgeous. The beautiful white clouds, peace and tranquility, above the clouds.

Shibuya Walking

Looking back at my photographs taken over the years. This was taken in 2004 when I was backpacking in Tokyo. I had a great time traveling and photographing in Tokyo. This was taken in Shibuya in the night and this area was still very lively and crowded.

Makapu‘u Point Lighthouse

I was traveling with the Dragon Scout Group for an overseas exchange programme in Oahu, Hawaii. During one of our visits, we hiked up Makapu‘u Point Trail for a breathe taking view of the gorgeous Oahu coastline and the Makapu‘u Point Lighthouse.

A Hawaiian Sunset

Sunset is one of my favourite photography topics. When I was on the island of Oahu, Hawaii recently, I was very blessed with a beautiful sunset accompanied by the Hawaiian traditional outrigger canoe practicing nearby the bay off Ke'ehi Lagoon Park.

View from Makapu'u Point, Hawaii

At the top of Makapu'u Point of Oahu in Hawaii. We have a bird's eye view of the Southeastern coastline of Oahu. This coast line is very scenic and popular among the locals and tourists. The bigger island behind is Manana Island, the locals call in Turtle Island and it is a bird sanctuary.

Young 2003 Lava Flows

One of the most fascinating landscapes, found on Big Island, Hawaii, USA. The sceneries are so beautiful and breathe-taking, the vast amount of new land that was formed. This young 2003 lava flows, forms some of the youngest land on Earth, at the end of the Chain of Craters Road, located at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.

Waves Splashing at Hawaii Volcano National Park

At the end of Chain of Craters Road in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Big Island, Hawaii, USA. The Young 2003 Lava Flows formed a beautiful row of vertical cliff that drops into the Pacific Ocean. The waves can be seen crashing and splashing close to the edge of the cliff. This area is desserted since there is nobody staying in this area. The sceneries there is beautiful beyond words with such a vast open land with clear blue skies and the sound of the ocean waves hitting the cliffs formed by the lava flow.

Road Closed

A Road Closed signage in the middle of the 2003 lava flows, that was hardened. Located at Hawaii Volcano National Park, Big Island, Hawaii. The land was vast and very beautiful, very peaceful and tranquil. It's some of the youngest land on Earth.

Rising Fumes

On Big Island, Hawaii, USA, the Kilauea Caldera can be seen having fumes going up into the air, from the Hawaii Volcano Observatory. This is located in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. The view was magnificent and I loved this place a lot, absolutely awesome for landscape photographers.

Somewhere along Crater Rim Drive

Somewhere between the Steam Vents (Wahinekapu) and Sulphur Banks (Ha'akulamanu) in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, located on Big Island, Hawaii, USA. There lies this long straight road that looks like heading into the clouds.

Diamond Head Summit

Diamond Head Summit, this is Hawaii’s most famous and most recognised landmark, for her historic hiking trail, stunning coastal views, and military history.

Happy New Year 2013 !

Happy New Year 2013 ! A grand fireworks to welcome the Year 2013 at Marina Bay Singapore, at One Fullerton rooftop. This arrangement courtesy of Fullerton Group and Marina Bay Singapore Division of Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) of Singapore. Wishing all a Happy New Year 2013! May your year be like this Fireworks, big, bright and high up in the sky! Take more photographs and share !

Loving Moment at the Bandstand

A wedding couple outdoor photography shoot at the Bandstand, located inside the Botanic Gardens of Singapore. I was able to capture the intimate moment waiting to be captured by the wedding photographer. It's a loving and heartwarming moment, the Bandstand located inside the Singapore Botanic Gardens is a popular location for outdoor wedding shoots in Singapore.

A Quiet Highway in the Night

In the middle of West Coast Highway on a quiet night, testing out the capabilities of the Canon EOS 5D Mark III for a night walkabout shoot. This was the result of the in-built HDR function of the Canon 5D Mark III, a combination of 3 photographs and using the in-built Monochrome setting together.

Under the SuperTree

The SuperTree at Gardens By The Bay East, located in the heart of Marina Bay area in Singapore. A uniquely designed vertical garden with large canopy, they come alive in the night with wonderful display of sound and lights!

Childhood Game at Old Playground

A young kid running at the Old Dragon Playground in Toa Payoh HDB estate, a heartland in Singapore. Not many old playgrounds are still around today, they held many memories for some of us, it's our childhood playground, our childhood memories that were fun and stress free. The Old Playgrounds still in Singapore today are a historical, heritage and cultural icon that brought fun, leisure and recreation to many Singaporeans during her early independence days and nation growth. Let's help to keep this icon for the future generations of Singapore!

Face Off ?

Two old playground toys having a Face Off ?

Can You See What I See ?

Can you see what I see ? Through the windows of an old SIT Flat in Singapore, the reflections of the neighbouring block behind it can be seen too. However, there were other plans for this area of flats in Singapore. The residents were already relocated to newer HDB flats nearby, the fate of these old SIT flats would most likely be part of Singapore's history in photos, archives, prints, memories.

Remembering The KTM Railway

The former KTM Railway tracks nearby KTM Bukit Timah Railway Station in Singapore. This segment of the railway tracks was straight and "never ending" from a certain distance and perspective. When the KTM Railway operations ceased and the land was returned back to Singapore. The railway tracks were gone as well. This former KTM Railway Tracks served many memories and stories to both Singapore and Malaysia, along with international tourists as well, traveling by train between Singapore and Malaysia. Even the KTM Railway tracks were no longer around, they would always remain in our hearts and memories. Our Old Places, our Old Romances, our rich history, heritage and culture.

Looking up at the SuperTrees

The beautiful view of the SuperTrees from the ground level up, with the OCBC Skybridge together. It's like entering a different dimension, with the stars blinking brightly to attract you inside. Great to be back with the SuperTrees, I would be back again to photograph them, when they shine brightly and performing in different colours during their night display!

Flying High and Spreading The Wings

A quote that I wrote after capturing this beautiful kite in action, "I want to fly so high like this beautiful Brahminy Kite, spreading the wings of change."

Old Jurong Line Railway Bridge

The Old Jurong Railway Line that stretches from the Jurong Industrial Estate in the southwestern part of Singapore connecting towards the main railway line from the Southern part of Singapore at Tanjong Pagar Railway Station towards the Northern part of Singapore at Woodlands. This Old Jurong Railway Line is no longer around, only parts of the railway tracks/route remained intact today. This railway bridge still stands proud and mighty, planting her place in the history and heritage of Singapore's growth among the public housing estate that surrounded this segment of the Old Jurong Line. She's a Grand Old Dame, worthy of her history, heritage, reputation and deserving to be preserved, conserved and protected.

SuperTrees Grove under moonlight

The big round moon was brightly lighted up, slowly rising behind the background of the SuperTrees Grove. It was very beautiful and complemented the bright lights shining from the SuperTrees Grove. SuperTrees Grove in the night at Gardens By The Bay are very beautiful and iconic, a popular destination for both locals and international visitors, to view, enjoy and photograph the landscape of the SuperTrees Grove at Gardens By The Bay.

Blue Hour at Marina Bay Singapore

Marina Bay Singapore has metamorphosis into a very remarkable and iconic landmark, a waterfront Garden City By The Bay, a place for both business and leisure. The blue hour at Marina Bay Singapore is something that I would love to capture whenever I can. The weather on 8th February 2013 in Singapore was heavy rain in the afternoon till the evening. I believed the wet weather provided the after-rain effect with a very beautiful blue hour at Marina Bay Singapore.

River Hongbao 2013 Opening Fireworks

River Hongbao 2013 opened on 8th February 2013 with fireworks to mark the official opening and festivities at The Float @ Marina Bay. With Raffles Place, the Central Business District of Singapore in the background and the Marina Reservoir in the foreground. Fireworks at Marina Bay is always popular with both locals and international visitors to watch from different spots around the Marina Bay area.

Chinese New Year 2013 Fireworks

On 9th February 2013, this was the eve of Chinese New Year. There was a fireworks at River Hongbao 2013, held at The Float @ Marina Bay, to welcome the Year of the Snake at the stroke of midnight. 10th February 2013, 大年初一, marks the start of the Chinese New Year, the Year of the Snake. I would also like to wish all my friends and supporters a Happy Chinese New Year, great health and prosperity in the Year of the Snake! Thank you for all your support! 祝大家新年快乐,万事如意! 身体健康,财源广进,生意兴隆,国泰民安! 恭喜发财,年年有余,学业进步,喜结良缘!

Blue-Tailed Bee-Eater Flying Off

An unexpected and lucky shot of this beautiful Blue-Tailed Bee-Eater. I was moving up slowly, getting closer to get more shots of the Blue-Tailed Bee-Eater at Lorong Halus Wetlands in the North-East part of Singapore, near the mouth of Sungei Serangoon and Serangoon Tidal Gates. Just as I was starting to capture more frames of this beautiful bird, it sensed my presence and suddenly flew away. In my midst of high shutter action speed, I captured this unexpected moment of the Blue-Tailed Bee-Eater flying off. More story of my Birding Photography Adventure @ Lorong Halus Wetlands can be found here -

Beautiful Blue-Tailed Bee-Eater

The beautiful and colourful Blue-Tailed Bee-Eater, that I was happily moving closer and photographing it before it sensed my presence and flying off in double quick time! Here's the Blue-Tailed Bee-Eater that flew off in double speed - More story of my Birding Photography Adventure @ Lorong Halus Wetlands can be found here -

Oriental Dollarbird

The Berlayer Creek, near to Labrador Park, in the Southern part of Singapore. It's a stream leading to the mangrove swamp before flowing into the sea. It's part of the National Parks Singapore Park Connectors network. It's a beautiful green area where there is a boardwalk that you can access from Labrador Park MRT Station and view the wildlife and green surroundings. The Oriental Dollarbird was spotted along the stream of Berlayer Creek along with other birds and wildlife too. I would go back again to photograph and lookout for other birds and wildlife there while enjoying the peace, tranquility and greenery! Check out my birding/wildlife photography adventure @ Berlayer Creek here -

Ready to Hunt & Catch

At the southern part of Gardens By The Bay, leading towards the Marina Barrage. There is a newly developed area known as the Kingfisher Lake and Satay By The Bay. This is becoming a great spot for the birds to stay in the area, with a number of different species of birds appearing in the Gardens By The Bay area. Therefore, this is a new hot/popular spot for birding photographers to explore and photograph the different species of birds at Gardens By The Bay. At the pond beside Satay By The Bay, I spotted a Yellow Bittern holding position with their legs on two different branches, ready to hunt and catch. I would be going back again and hope to capture them flying down in swift action to catch their prey!

Flying Towards You

The Brahminy Kite is like a lucky animal sign for me. It's one of the bigger birds and raptors that I was able to capture a few times in my recent birding photography adventures. This was taken at Lorong Halus Wetlands, the Brahminy Kite was flying pretty low towards us and flying above us. This shot was like a "head on" shot and I managed to capture this beautiful moment of the Brahminy Kite spreading the wings in full swing.

Naval Ceremonial Sunset

The Republic of Singapore Navy frigate, RSS Intrepid, was docked at Vivo City Promenade for the first time, opening her doors to the public and welcoming them to visit the frigate for three days from 15th to 17th March 2013 for Navy@Vivo. Besides touring RSS Intrepid, one of the key highlights was the Ceremonial Sunset, a naval tradition maintained by navies throughout the world. In their proud and formal military uniforms, at this moment in time, they were preparing for the lowering of the ship ensign, the harbour ensign and the jack at 7.15pm daily, accompanied by the bugle, a brass instrument. The beautiful Singapore sunset and blue evening skyline on the 15th March accompanies the naval ceremonial sunset on RSS Intrepid, witnessed by the public on board visiting RSS Intrepid and the general public around the Vivo City vicinity.

Unknown Future for Forest Trail

This looks just like any other forest trail or footpath. However, she's far more significant than just this path alone. This is the former Bidadari Cemetery in Singapore, a haven for birds and wildlife. They are facing a challenge to retain her greenery, flora, fauna and haven for the birds. A forest trail inside the former Bidadari Cemetery, so beautiful, quiet and tranquil. Nobody knows the future and outcome as of now, I hope that this beautiful greenery haven can be kept as it is forever and serve as a outdoor nature area for everybody including the birds and wildlife. Can we all ask to preserve this green belt to remain in her original stature and aura ?

Quiet and Tranquil

These are some branches and tree trunks of Hindhede Nature Park, the former Hindhede Quarry. This was taken at the lookout point of Hindhede Nature Park and it's really beautiful! The water is pretty still, surrounded by the beautiful lush greenery of Bukit Timah Hill and Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. The whole landscape scene is quiet, peaceful and tranquil. Sounds of birds and animals can be heard above and around us. It's a nice and short trek from the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve Visitor Centre and you would not be disappointed by her beauty and aura!

Flying Off!

The green belt of the Old Jurong Line, whereby part of the Clementi Woodlands is, this place has a number of birds and wildlife spotted there. At the Community Farms in Clementi, there were a few Long-Tailed Parakeet spotted above the trees nearby there. Just as I was photographing the Long-Tailed Parakeets from the ground and slowly walking towards the tree that they were perching on and trying to take bigger photographs of them. Once again, the birds sensed my presence below and starting to fly away from the area. In the fast action paced trigger pressing, I managed to get another photograph of a bird flying away. This moment is beautiful, the bird in flight mode!

The Forgotten Railway

This railway track had no longer been in use for a number of years. Part of the Old Jurong Line of the KTM Railway that starts from Jurong Industrial Estate, cutting through Clementi Woodlands before connecting to the KTM Railway track running from Woodlands in the North to Tanjong Pagar in the South.Tucked away in this lush greenery, the forgotten railway and tunnel remains as it is, away from the rapid rise and development of modern Singapore. Cross-processed with SnapSeed on iPad.

A Walk Down Memory Lane

A Walk Down Memory Lane, when Singapore was still relatively undeveloped, not many high rise public housing and dominated by villages and kampungs that were surrounded by beautiful lush greenery. This was a time when everything was so much slower and less stressful. A price to pay for rapid economic growth that might be too fast some are already saying. How much do you remember your childhood years ? Are they in the kampungs and villages ? By the sea or in the farms ? Let's continue to keep some of these old places and not let it be removed for the sake of capitalisation and commercialisation. Post processed using SnapSeed on my iPad with their features to recreate the nostalgic film retro feeling.

Extreme Sailing by Alinghi

3 days of fun action Aberdeen Extreme Sailing Series held in Singapore, at the heart of Marina Bay. The spectators were treated to some great sporting actions at Marina Reservoir from Friday to Sunday. Marina Bay is perfect for the Aberdeen Extreme Sailing Series, close to the sides of the bay where the spectators are. The wind conditions are challenging for respective catamaran to devise their tactics to win the Singapore leg of the Extreme Sailing Series over a period of 3 days. I was eagerly waiting for this "extreme moment" during the Extreme Sailing Series and I was happy that I was able to capture this sporting moment at Marina Bay! Here's my write up of Extreme Sailing Series - Singapore ~

When the Sun rises

A sunrise is always beautiful, signifying the start of a fresh new day. The boat was seen driving along the coast, towards their work destination probably to a place to catch fish.The location off Changi Coast Road, car park 6, is very popular with photographers for a sunrise shoot, especially when it is low tide and we can walk out towards the sea for a different sunrise shot with the sea bed as foreground.I am currently reviewing the Canon EOS 6D and would be sharing more photographs taken with the Canon EOS 6D, along with my own review and write up.

A Sunrise Landing

The sun rises beautifully behind, signaling the start of a new day in Singapore. This location is well liked by landscape photographers who love to capture the sunrise and the airplanes beginning to descend and preparing to land at Changi International Airport. This was taken with the EOS 6D, that I am doing a review and write up after that. It's been a good experience with the Canon EOS 6D!

Blue-Eared Kingfisher

The Blue-Eared Kingfisher is spotted at Hindhede Nature Park, part of the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, a rich haven of primary rainforest, with lots of flora, fauna and wildlife. Small in size, very shy and stunning blue colour feathers. It was very difficult to spot the Blue-Eared Kingfisher, requiring lots of patience and persistency as well as luck!

The Sun is Rising!

This was taken with the Canon EOS 6D review set that I had for two weeks. I went out for a morning sunrise shoot at the Changi Coastal Road, a popular location for photographers to shoot sunrise in Singapore. It was low tide as well and I was able to walk out towards the sea, trying to get as close to the waves as possible. The sunrise was beautiful and the blue sky along with the puffy white clouds gave this sunrise a lot more character and feeling.

Blue Hour from Helix Bridge

The evening blue hour of Marina Bay, taken from the Helix Bridge. Even though I have taken many photographs around the Marina Bay area, this could be the first time I took a blue hour shot of Marina Bay consisting Marina Bay Sands, Art Science Museum and Raffles Place.This was taken with the Canon EOS 6D review set that I had it for two weeks. For this shot, I pushed the ISO to 25,600 to observe the noise level. Overall, I am satisfied with the noise level and within my tolerance/acceptance level. I am confident to use ISO 25,600 on the Canon EOS 6D if necessary.

DBS Marina Regatta 2013

A beautiful Sunday afternoon with clear blue sky at the Marina Bay in Singapore. There was high octane sporting action with the DBS Marina Regatta 2013, Singapore's largest water sports festival. The Marina Bay is a great location to host water sports activities and events and the DBS Marina Regatta 2013 lights up the bay with Dragon Boating action and community festivities around it, something for everybody to enjoy and have fun!

Pre Dragon Boat Racing Ritual

The DBS Marina Regatta 2013 had a great display of Dragon Boating, sporting action and it was an exciting festival around the Marina Bay. There were many sporting actions, some were fast paced, some were beautiful friendship, teamwork and sports preparation moments. Each and every moment is beautiful and sends a powerful message across to their team members and their fellow competitors.In a team sports event, such as Dragon Boating, teams have their own pre-preparation sports ritual. In this moment, while waiting to paddle out to the starting point, the entire crew was silent and went into deep thoughts with their eyes closed, preparing themselves for their upcoming race. Reflecting at this quiet moment, it's a priceless silent golden moment before the pulse and adrenaline of Dragon Boat racing.

Action Stations - Evasive Action!

There were no shortage of sporting actions, breathe-taking moments and excitement during DBS Marina Regatta 2013. This happened during one of the races whereby both Dragon Boats crossed the finishing line and started to slow down. However, one of the Dragon Boat got too close for comfort to the Dragon Boat in front of them and it was a call to Action Stations whereby Evasive Action was immediately taken. This was indeed a priceless sporting moment!

Beautiful Day and Blue Sky

On the other side of the Marina Reservoir, known as the Kallang River area that connects to the Marina Bay and Singapore River before it was formed and combined together as Marina Reservoir with the completion of the Marina Barrage dam. A beautiful view of Marina Bay, Gardens By The Bay South, Gardens By The Bay East and Marina Square. This shows another side of Marina Bay that have not been as well known as photographs taken from other locations in the Marina Bay.

Blue (Avatar) SuperTrees

The SuperTrees Grove at Gardens By The Bay South, in the heart of Marina Bay Singapore. It was a very beautiful sea of Blue colours, that reminds me of Avatar. This was like going into Avatar kingdom, the mystery and aura surrounding the Gardens By The Bay. Entering into a futuristic science fiction scenery, the Blue (Avatar) SuperTrees is like entering a dreamland.

Mystical SuperTrees

Gardens By The Bay South is celebrating her 1st Anniversary and the SuperTrees Grove went through a metamorphosis to become Mystical SuperTrees, beautiful and colourful, mesmerising and exciting. The Mystical SuperTrees are transformed by video mapping, it is an exciting new projection technique that can turn almost any surface into a dynamic video display. Along with music, this is sure to captivate your senses. Below are the details of the Mystical SuperTrees transformation. Come on down and experience this installation that transcends ordinary video projection. 30 Jun - 7 Jul 2013 8:00 PM; 9:00 PM; 10:00 PM; 10:45 PM Venue: Supertree Grove

CL at Asia Style Collection 2013

The talented and beautiful ladies of K-Pop band 2NE1 was recently in Singapore for the Asia Style Collection 2013 held at the Singapore Expo Halls 3 and 4. CL was very bubbly, very gorgeous and very spontaneous, moving around the performance floor rallying the audience with her vocals and beautiful smile on her face, along with the lights shining brightly above her! It was great to photograph CL of 2NE1 in action again in Singapore!

Beautiful Model

K-Pop Collection was in Singapore for the Asia Style Collection 2013 held at the Singapore Expo. It was a great night of Korean Fashion showcase. One of the beautiful and sweet models during Asia Style Collection 2013, that definitely captured my attention! I will update when I manage to find out the name of the Korean fashion brand that was worn by this beautiful model!

Beautiful Model (Kikka The Diary Of)

At Asia Style Collection 2013 held in Singapore recently, at the Singapore Expo. We were treated to a fabulous and fun event consisting of the hottest music and fashion from Japan, Korea and Singapore.This beautiful model was wearing the clothes of the fashion label, Kikka The Diary of from Japan. She has a very sweet smile and this was a quiet and in deep thoughts while walking on the fashion walkway! Loving her expression and moment while on the fashion runway!

A model's sweet smile and wave!

The models that graced Asia Style Collection 2013 in Singapore were all gorgeous and beautiful. Their sweet smiles and eyes mesmerized the spectators in Singapore Expo. This model was showcasing K-Pop Fashion Collection and it was awesome to capture this moment of beautiful eyes, sweet smile and waving at us!

Elegant and Gorgeous Model (DINT)

This elegant and gorgeous model was showcasing fashion brand DINT from Korea during Asia Style Collection 2013 held in Singapore recently. She brings out the charms and aura of her clothes to the spectators present at Asia Style Collection 2013 and I am pretty sure she caught your attention too!

Cute and Pretty Model

This model was one of those that caught my attention during Asia Style Collection 2013 held in Singapore. She was showcasing K-Pop Collection and this was her second outfit for the fashion brand. Not is she pretty and gorgeous, she's really cute too!

Celebrity Model - Zoe Tay

Zoe Tay, one of Singapore's leading actress, graced Asia Style Collection 2013 as a Celebrity Model for local fashion brand Zenchi. She's still popular and well liked by the local fans here in Singapore and when she was walking the fashion walkway, she was well received by the spectators at Asia Style Collection 2013.

Dancing & Dribbling Away

Canon Lion City Cup 2013 Final was between Corinthians and PSV. They were 2 great teams with skilful youth players and talent. I love capturing sports photography and their moments while competing on the football field. This was a scene that I caught when the Corinthians player dancing and dribbling away from the PSV defender. Check out my write up here -

Winner & Loser

In a competitive football final, there is only 1 winner and 1 loser on the football pitch. A victory is well celebrated by all while a loss is sometimes alone. Corinthians beat PSV in Canon Lion City Cup 2013 Final, while Corinthians players huddle in a circle, united by their hands together and started praying, a PSV player sat down with his head down.The moment between a winner and a loser. Check out my write up here -

Red Bull Dark Knights 2013 in Singapore

Red Bull Dark Knights recently visited Singapore for a night of high octane mountain biking action at Pearl's Hill City Park located in the heart of Singapore's Central Business District.It was a very challenging and exciting shoot due to shooting in very dark conditions and uneven terrain. This was definitely a great time to test my night sports photography skills and I gained more experience from shooting at Red Bull Dark Knights 2013.Do check out my post for a more detailed write up -

Marina Bay Sands Laser Light Show

The Marina Bay Sands, located in the Marina Bay area of Singapore. One of Singapore's newest and iconic landmarks. In the night, they have laser light show display performance and it lights up the Marina Bay region. A 30 seconds exposure was applied and the different laser lights lighting up the Marina Bay night skyline, giving it a great spectacle of laser light show display.

Tong Ah Kopitiam

Tong Ah Kopitiam, is one of those few rustic and nostalgic kopitiams that is still remaining in Singapore today. Tong Ah Kopitiam will not be at its iconic building location anymore, with their last day of operation on 14th July 2013 at 10pm. As the curtains draw down on the iconic Tong Ah Kopitiam, it is Singapore’s loss that they have to move out away from that iconic building. However, I am glad that they are still going to continue operating their business at a few units down the road, at 35 Keong Saik Road. More detailed story here -


In a competitive sports game, there is definitely a winner and loser. While losing is painful and winning is sweet, there is definitely room for sportsmanship and friendship after the match and off the pitch. During Canon Lion City Cup 2013 Final, Corinthians beat PSV. Both teams congratulate each other on a match that was well played by both sides. While the agony of defeat can be seen and felt, there were also hugs, congratulations and consoling. That is the spirit of sportsmanship. Check out my write up here -

Catch and Tackle Me!

A sports action scene during Canon Lion City Cup 2013 final between Corinthians and PSV. The PSV player was trying to dribble away from his opponents who were closing him down, trying to catch and tackle him! Check out my write up here -

Dara/ 다라

2NE1 visited Singapore recently and they performed at Asia Style Collection 2013, a fashion and music extravaganza from Japanese, Korean and Singapore fashion brands and music.This was taken during a press conference at the backstage and 2NE1 was giving their press conference before they prepared to go up to the stage for their performance. Dara/ 다라 of 2NE1 is very pretty and she has a beautiful sweet smile!

FlyPast Meets National Flag!

In today's National Day Parade (NDP) 2013 combined rehearsal 5, I was heading over to Gardens By The Bay East to shoot the NDP 2013 rehearsal fireworks.We saw the National Flag FlyPast across our path and the aerial display by the Republic of Singapore Airforce happening together at the same time. It was a fitting tribute and special moment with these 2 FlyPast coming together at the same time!Our National Day Parade 2013 falls on 9th August 2013, whereby Singapore will be celebrating her 48th birthday!

Night View of Gardens By The Bay

From the location at Gardens By The Bay East, looking across the Marina Bay basin and Marina Reservoir, you can see Gardens By The Bay South, the SuperTrees Grove, Marina Bay Sands, Raffles Place CBD and Marina Bay Financial Centre. This is the latest hub in Singapore, the Marina Bay region, where a lot of action, events and activities are taking place in the region. The above photograph was merged using 3 photographs of 10s, 20s and 30s exposure with Canon Digital Photo Professional software HDR function, using the Art Vivid option.

Gunner! Fire Away!

At every Singapore's National Day Parade celebrations, there is a formal Parade and Ceremony segment. One of the highlights will be the 25 Pounder Guns conducting the 21 Guns Salute, as a mark of respect for the President of the Republic of Singapore when he inspects the contingent. This was shot during the NDP 2013 Combined Rehearsal 1 on 7th July 2013 of the 25 Pounder Guns in action. I will always try to capture the "fire moment" when the Gunner received the command to fire away from the detachment commander. It took me lots and lots of shots before I was able to capture this beautiful moment when the shot was fired! Check out the feature here for more details on the Presidential Gun Salute -

Fireworks !

Counting down to National Day Parade 2013 on 9th August 2013, this is our Combined Rehearsal 6 / National Education 3 fireworks. It was great to be back at one of my favourite locations to shoot fireworks in the heart of Marina Bay. This shot was taken from the Promontory at Marina Bay, it's a great location to have a great panoramic view of Marina Bay and to catch the fireworks too!

Marina Bay Sands (Bright and Misty)

A long exposure of the Marina Bay Sands taken from the the Promontory at Marina Bay. This is a great location to enjoy the view and sceneries of Marina Bay. This was taken after NDP 2013 Combined Rehearsal 6 and there were still smoke leftover from the firing of the fireworks display. This created a misty feel and the bright red and yellow colours, gave it a bright and misty Marina Bay Sands.

Marina Bay (Evening Blue Hour)

If there is something that I love taking photographs again and again, one of it has to be the blue hour along with a cityscape in it. The Blue Hour cityscape of Marina Bay, taken from the Promontory @ Marina Bay, never fails to amaze me. Look through my photographs, you can see that I am a fan of sunrise, sunset and blue hour and I will love to share my photographs of different sunrise, sunset and blue hour around the world whenever I have the opportunity!

Valisere Lingerie - Le language de la seduction

Valisere Lingerie - Le language de la seduction The fashion label Valisere Lingerie was part of Fashion TV Beach Festival 2013 Singapore, presented by Xperia by SONY. It was held at Tanjung Beach Club on Sentosa Island. Valisere Lingerie is of French heritage over 150 years, a luxury lingerie brand that takes pride in their design, details and style for both European and Asian ladies. With the evening skyline in the background, the blue hour skyline provides a nice natural backdrop for the fun and exciting outdoor fashion event.

Valisere Lingerie II - Le language de la seduction

The fashion label Valisere Lingerie was part of Fashion TV Beach Festival 2013 Singapore, presented by Xperia by SONY. It was held at Tanjung Beach Club on Sentosa Island. Valisere Lingerie is of French heritage over 150 years, a luxury lingerie brand that takes pride in their design, details and style for both European and Asian ladies. With the evening skyline in the background, the blue hour skyline provides a nice natural backdrop for the fun and exciting outdoor fashion event.

Cathay Cineplex (of Old and New)

The Cathay Cineplex today is an iconic and popular leisure shopping/cinema mall today with a cineplex, shopping and eating. In front of the Cathay Cineplex, you will notice that her wall is very different from the modern architecture and design of the main building behind her. Cathay Cinema as it was well known last time, it was just two cinema theatres and there were no shopping or eateries. This place brought many fond memories for me growing up and watching movies in the movie theatres. This was part of what Orchard Road means to me. Times had changed, different eras had passed. While the shopping malls transformed into bright colourful lights to attract shoppers, Cathay Cineplex decided to retain the old Cathay Cinema front walls, preserving a heritage, cultural and historical piece of Singapore's growth in the leisure and entertainment. I wanted to get a feel of the sun setting down in the horizon with the blue hour colours lighting up the skyline, along with the people walking and sitting around the Cathay Cineplex. Some things never change, the waiting and walking around.

Swing or Merry-Go-Round?

Do you love the old playground swing? Or do you love the old playground Merry-Go-Round? Or do you love both of them? In my personal projects journey to document old playgrounds in Singapore, I was able to find a few swings. However, I was still searching for the elusive Merry-Go-Round that I wasn't sure if it was still around or demolished. Through research on the internet, google maps, I finally decided to explore and discover the old school Merry-Go-Round that I grew up with. I found my old school Merry-Go-Round, I was very happy and I want to go back again. I want to play with the swing and the Merry-Go-Round.

Colourful Blue Hour of Marina Bay

Adding another of my Blue Hour shot to my collection here, this time it is accompanied by many more bright lights from Marina Bay Sands and do check out the distinct Crescent Moon and Five Stars images on Marina Bay Sands because 9th August 2013 was Singapore's National Day Parade Celebrations at the Floating Platform at Marina Bay. The colours from the Marina Bay Floating Platform Grandstand and Marina Square lightings, together with Marina Bay Sands gave a colourful blue hour of Marina Bay. Wishing my home, Singapore, a Happy 48th Birthday on 9th August 2013!

National Day Parade 2013 Fireworks

Singapore celebrated her 48th Birthday on 9th August 2013 with a parade and celebration held at the Floating Platform at Marina Bay. A fireworks was always part of her celebrations, always welcomed and highly anticipated event by the spectators and the people around the Marina Bay area. I was watching and capturing the fireworks from the Promontory @ Marina Bay area, a great place to watch and enjoy the fireworks and the landscape of Marina Bay as well. Wishing Singapore a Happy 48th Birthday !

Baby Dragon Old Playground

The Old Playgrounds that served a great deal of many beautiful and fun childhood memories for many of us here in Singapore. While times have changed, our lifestyle, our leisure, recreation and tastes have changed as well. The Old Playgrounds were not like before during her peak, whereby it was a place of fun and enjoyment for the children, without the internet and technology gadgets. This Baby Dragon Old Playground, will forever be in our heart, mind and soul, especially for those who grew up in the era of playing at the different Old Playgrounds in Singapore. Many Singapore memories built a nation and let's not forget the importance of such Old Playgrounds that played a part in the growth and development of Singapore into a modern cosmopolitan country city today. Post processed on Aperture before using Perfect Effects 4 Tri-X preset to get the final output above.

Fiery Sunset

Saturday 17th August 2013, the morning started great with a nice blue sky and beautiful clouds. In the afternoon, heavy rain came pouring in and the weather turned dull. As the rain stopped and weather started to clear near to the evening, it helped to clear the skyline and gave it a very beautiful, orange and fiery sunset at the Marina Bay area while walking from Gardens By The Bay towards Marina Bay Sands. This fiery sunset was only for a few minutes, the moment was priceless, the colours and beauty of Mother Nature.

The Cat is guarding the Elephant

The Old Elephant Playground, probably one of the last remaining of its kind in Singapore today. The sand pit type old playgrounds are replaced by the modern rubber mat plastic type playgrounds in many parts of Singapore. While this Old Elephant Playgrounds has 2 more smaller play structures inside the sand pit and it wasn't shown here in my photograph. During my exploration and documentation of the Old Elephant Playground, a very cute and friendly cat came towards us and started playing with us. This cat lied down on the sand, under the shade of the Old Elephant Playground and it was kind of gazing and guarding the Elephant! This Old Elephant Playground still holds her charm and aura, attracting couples to head there for a fun theme outdoor wedding shoot! Let's hope that we can continue to conserve and preserve our culture, heritage and history!

One Word definitions of "Aspiration"

A beautiful and inspiring art work by Karen Mitchell, showcased at Singapore Night Festival 2013. Each mixed media (wood, laminates and light) showed one-word definitions of "Aspiration", representing the "Everyday Aspirations" of ordinary people. The texts were laser-cut into the wood panels and the light shines through the wood panels to cast shadows of the Aspirations. The reflections of the Aspirations is not just a shadow, it's also an imprint into a person's memory. This visual arts display at Singapore Night Festival 2013 is popular with the visitors, the collection of 365 "Aspiration" words means something to them, deep in their hearts and minds. They are all searching for a word among the many words of "Aspirations", to take and leave an imprint for their hearts, minds and souls.

Waiting for Vertical Extraction

Vertical Extraction by Compagnie Retouramont from France. They were in Singapore for the Singapore Night Festival 2013, performing on the 23rd and 24th August 2013 at The National Museum of Singapore. An artistic night outdoor performance on The National Museum of Singapore facade. This beautiful performer was waiting on the ledge of the National Museum of Singapore, while in the midst of the performance, waiting for her turn to start her performance on a vertical journey up the façade of the National Museum, breaking into a rhythmic dance on bungee cords, a graceful and beautiful dance performance that explores The National Museum of Singapore's architecture and surrounding space.

Magic Babe Ning

Magic Babe Ning, Asia's female Houdini and one of the sexiest woman in magic by Magicseen Magazine. She was part of Singapore Night Festival 2013, attempting a spectacular underwater escape from The Water Vault. She was shackled with chains and locks around her wrists, waist and neck. Ning was completely submerged in a steel vault filled to the brim with water that was locked and chained tightly on the outside. This was Ning appearing from the steel vault with the pyrotechnics lighting up her appearance from The Water Vault after she free herself from the many locks and chains!

MoonGrazing ?

An abstract lighting projection animation titled MoonGrazing by OIC Singapore. This was showcased during Singapore Night Festival 2013 during the 2nd weekend of Friday 30th and Saturday 31st August. The OIC Projection display was on the National Museum of Singapore facade on both nights. This was one of the many different projections that was captured down by me and this kind of fits the theme of the projection - MoonGrazing!

A Guiding Sky Lantern Light

Mid Autumn Festival is round the corner in Singapore. There is a celebration and light up at Gardens By The Bay South, with many beautiful, magical and enchanting lanterns and light ups with different themes! The Sky Lantern is lighted up, beside the Dragonfly Lake, against the backdrop of the mighty Marina Bay Sands. While it may seem small, the Sky Lantern is like a Guiding Light and commands a strong presence to the surroundings!

Late Night Landscape in Singapore

The Canon EOS 70D was recently loaned to me for a period of 2 weeks for me to test and review this beautiful and powerful Canon DSLR and the new EF-S 18-135mm IS STM lens. This photograph was taken at West Coast Park in Singapore, during late at night and the whole area was pretty dark without much lighting, except for the flame in sky, due to the burning of the excess gas/fuel from the oil refinery at the nearby island. In this photograph, I pushed the Digic 5+ sensor to the test, shooting at its H1 ISO of 25,600. The noise and grain level were pretty visible. In my personal humble opinion, I would try not to use at ISO 25,600 H1 on the Canon EOS 70D and keep the maximum ISO usage for the Canon EOS 70D at 12,800.

Lotus F1 car - Kimi

This is the 6th edition of Singapore GP, the 2013 Formula 1 SingTel Singapore GP. This was taken on Friday 20th September 1st free practice session. Kimi of Lotus F1, was negotiating Turn 13 of the Marina Bay Circuit, probably the slowest corner of the Marina Bay Circuit, it is a tight left-handed hairpin. You can feel the Lotus F1 car's "aggressiveness and getting ready to attack on the straight road on the Esplanade Bridge". Turn 13 is one of my favourite spots to capture the flying F1 cars in action at the Singapore GP Marina Bay Circuit. Kimi is one of my favourite drivers of F1 and I am glad that I got a shot of him in F1 racing action again at the Singapore GP! Here's my coverage and write up!

Ferrari F1 Car - Alonso

The 2nd place runner-up for 2013 Formula 1 SingTel Singapore GP is Fernando Alonso of Ferrari. He had a great race coming from his starting position to get 2nd place on the podium! This photograph was taken during Friday 20th September free practice 1 at Turn 13 of the Marina Bay Circuit. One of my favourite Turns of the Singapore GP whereby I am able to take the F1 cars in action! Here's my coverage and write up!

Red Bull F1 Car - Vettel

The winner for 2013 Formula 1 SingTel Singapore GP is Sebastian Vettel from Red Bull! It was a great driving performance from Vettel to win the 2013 Singapore GP! This photograph was taken on Friday 20th September 2013 during their Free Practice session at Turn 13 of the Marina Bay Circuit. This is one of my favourite Turns at Marina Bay Circuit whereby I am able to capture the F1 cars in action at its slowest point of the Marina Bay Circuit! Here's my coverage and write up!

Rainforest Orchestra

"Rainforest Orchestra", this is the new Garden Rhapsody at Gardens By The Bay, performing now at the SuperTrees Grove. This wonderful lighting performance promises to dazzle, bringing you on a journey through the rainforests of the world. In this first segment, venture into the depths of the Amazon as the forest gradually awakens at night. Do drop by and watch this magical performance "Rainforest Orchestra"!

Rainforest Orchestra at SuperTrees Grove

"Rainforest Orchestra", this is the new Garden Rhapsody at Gardens By The Bay, performing now at the SuperTrees Grove. This wonderful lighting performance promises to dazzle, bringing you on a journey through the rainforests of the world. In this first segment, venture into the depths of the Amazon as the forest gradually awakens at night. Do drop by and watch this magical performance "Rainforest Orchestra"!

Bright Orange Morning

The photograph came about when I was planning to shoot the moon set and it wasn't successful. Instead, I looked at my surroundings with my long prime lens, composing shots with my prime lens. The rig was facing a beautiful big cloud and it was lighted up, giving it a nice beautiful glow amidst the peace and tranquility of the morning.

An Old Neighbourhood

The corner provision shop above, known as Tian Kee, closed her doors recently and calling it a day. An old provision shop that was thriving and a common sight during the heydays of early Singapore's history, heritage and culture. Not many such old provision shops are still around in Singapore today. It's a sad loss and an inevitable loss in the modernisation journey that Singapore is going through. Like this old neighbourhood, Dakota Crescent, let's hope most of the other things around the Dakota Crescent neighbourhood can still be preserved, reminding us of Singapore's history, heritage and culture.

Bamboo-Bonsai-Ing (Black & White)

Singapore Biennale 2013 has officially started on 26th October 2013 and it will end on 16th February 2014. There are many artists participating in Singapore Biennale 2013 and I hope to share as many artists artworks as possible! This is Bamboo-Bonsai-Ing by Francis Roche, I changed into Black & White, away from the original colours. It just gives a more solemn message behind the artist's artwork to reinforce the relationship between natural and artificial. For more information about the artwork above, do check the link here about Francis Roche and his work -

An Opening to a New Galaxy ?

Inside this artwork structure titled "Wormhole", designed by Eko Prawoto from Indonesia. Wormhole is part of Singapore Biennale 2013 and you can visit the Wormhole located at National Museum of Singapore. Wormhole is a combination of 3 bamboo mounds, that looks like giant tepee huts. Prawoto's installations actually represent a range of mountains, a common sight in Indonesia but not in Singapore. As you visit and entered the Wormhole, it's like walking from one universe to another, like an earthworm burrowing through the earth. When you are inside the Wormhole, you feel that time seems to slow down and you will love to sit down, relax and look up into the sky, at the opening above, to enjoy the blue sky, clouds and skylights. It's tranquility and peacefulness, where time stands still for you to enjoy the nature and surroundings. Take time to enter the opening to a new galaxy.

Road to Nirvana ?

This intriguing artwork is titled "Road to Nirvana" by artist Po Po from Myanmar. This is part of Singapore Biennale 2013 and it is ongoing from 26th Oct 2013 to 16th Feb 2014. The Road to Nirvana, it is uphill and it looks to be guided by the green strings or bounded by the green strings. Does it define a border or does it define a route? Walking up the Road to Nirvana, among the beautiful greenery, enjoying the peace and tranquility of the trees in Fort Canning Hill/Park. This gives me a chance to relax and be more aware of my natural surroundings, the journey towards the Road to Nirvana and be at peace with myself. For more details of the artist and artwork, here's the link -

Time to Begin My SG Heartlands Walk!

This little boy was eagerly looking ahead of the railway track, the Old Jurong KTM Railway Line that was operational in the early days of Singapore, that ceased operations in the 1980s. This was part of Ministry of National Development photo walk / instawalk, that brings people into the Singapore Heartlands! The area for this instawalk was Clementi district and the Old Jurong KTM Railway Line was part of Clementi Heartlands. As the little boy looks ahead into Singapore's future, it is important to preserve our history, heritage and culture, along with our natural greenery. It's time to begin our SG Heartlands Walk and you can do it too!


At Anime Festival Asia (AFA) 2013, Internet Explorer created Inori Aizawa, an anime personification for AFA 2013. While Inori Aizawa could not be in Singapore during AFA 2013, Valerie from Asia Pop Perspective took over her role. Valerie from Asia Pop Perspective- Inori Aizawa -

Punggol End (Singapore) Sunset

Punggol End, it's one of Singapore's beach/shore location that faces Johor, Malaysia. While it's not one of the popular beach for people to go there and swim, it's a quiet and beautiful place for leisure and family activities that dated back decades ago. This is also one of the locations to capture a nice sunset in Singapore!

A Quiet Time By The Spiral Staircase

A beautiful metal spiral staircase inside the National Museum of Singapore.This piece of architecture showcase our roots and relationship with the British Empire during Singapore's Colonial Days. With the sunlight shining through the windows, it sets a scene for visitors to sit beside the windows, ponder and enjoy the quietness and tranquility of the National Museum of Singapore. One can enjoy the richness of history, heritage and conservation along with the artworks on display inside there.

Green Mystic Crystal Palace

The artwork is titled "Crystal Palace: The Great Exhibition of the Works of Industry of All Nuclear Nations" by Ken + Julia Yonetani, currently showcased at the Singapore Biennale 2013 from 26th October 2013 to 16th February 2014, in the National Museum of Singapore. In this exhibition space, there were 31 chandeliers. The antique chandelier frames have been refitted with uranium glass and UV lighting, when it is switched on, the bulbs will make the glass beads glow with a green that is haunting. The 31 pieces signal the 31 nuclear nations in the world, the size of each chandelier corresponds to the number of operating nuclear plants in the nation. This is an amazing and meaningful artwork, the chandeliers looked so mysterious and beautiful in the glow of the green, yet it can be haunting and sharing with/telling to the visitors on the topic of nuclear energy usage. The artists conceived this wonderful masterpiece in response to the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster in Japan during 2011. The message it brings across is just as powerful and important.

David Tay - Photographer

The Profoto B1 is an amazing, powerful and outstanding studio lighting strobe that is ideal for both indoors and outdoors. I rented a demo unit from Weili, owner of Poisonous online photography boutique. Thank you Poisonous for the Profoto B1! - - I would like to thank fellow photographer David Tay, who was there to volunteer as my model and to test out the Profoto B1 together! - - This was shot with a single Profoto B1 unit, processed into Black and White and cropped into a square format. This is like an advertisement for the Sony Alpha 7! It was an awesome experience, moving into lighting photography setup and learning the ropes through hands on learning! The Profoto B1 is awesome and powerful, keep a lookout for my review and experiences on my photography website soon!

David Tay (2) - Photographer

The Profoto B1 is an amazing, powerful and outstanding studio lighting strobe that is ideal for both indoors and outdoors. I rented a demo unit from Weili, owner of Poisonous online photography boutique. Thank you Poisonous for the Profoto B1! - - I would like to thank fellow photographer David Tay, who was there to volunteer as my model and to test out the Profoto B1 together! - - This was shot with a single Profoto B1 unit, processed into Black and White. The portrait was my maiden entry into lighting photography with a strobe and I composed this shot with an intention of a shadow towards 1 side of the face while the other side is lighted up by the Profoto B1. It's a bit of dramatic and "fierce" look that David managed to portray out. It had been a great maiden experience with the Profoto B1 and I am looking forward to producing better portraits in the future!

Sitting Under The Tree

This photo was taken with the Sony CyberShot DSC-RX-100ii, a review unit loaned to me and I brought it out to play and test this compact digital camera. At this location, in the central catchment area of Singapore, the heart of Singapore's natural greenery and a few reservoirs are located. This is a very beautiful, quiet and tranquil location. Having visited there a number of times since I was young, I had never really given much thought about the views with the trees and benches until recently seeing a few shots by other photographers that I missed out something really nice at Upper Seletar Reservoir Park. A heartwarming and tranquil photograph with the couple sitting on the bench under the tree, relaxing in the natural greenery and reservoir surroundings.

Left or Right Bench?

The Upper Seletar Reservoir Park, part of the Central Catchment area in Singapore. A beautiful and quiet place to enjoy the greenery and tranquil surroundings. Near to the reservoir, there are a few benches that people can sit down, relax and enjoy a quiet time there. In times like this, there are 2 benches, empty and available for the people to sit down, which bench would you choose? Just like a life journey, there can be a number of times when we have choices to make, in order to get to the end point. Sometimes nobody knows which route is right or wrong or better or worse.

Streaks of Lights

The Sony CyberShot DSC-RX100M2, putting it to a long exposure of 5s on the overhead bridge facing the Ayer Rajah Expressway in Singapore. I am impressed with the capabilities and output of the Sony CyberShot DSC-RX100M2 during my 2 weeks review period!

Walk Slowly

Do we take the time to walk slowly instead of rushing like mad ? I think we all need to slow down, relax and observe more of our surroundings and we would be able to capture more photographs.

Gorgeous Bidadari Greenery

The beautiful lush greenery and tall trees that you see above, they are located at the former Bidadari Cemetery. This green belt is also a haven for local and migrating passage birds. However, in a few years time, you will not get to see this beautiful greenery anymore. Plans are in place to build public housing blocks in this estate in the future. It is very challenging to keep and find a balance in managing the land space for outdoors and greenery versus finding space in land scarce Singapore for the future population growth.

Sound of Ikebana: Four Seasons

The Art Science Museum, at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, is having her facade transformed with a beautiful light show by Naoko Tosa‘s Sound of Ikebana: Four Seasons. It’s an amazing light show display with beautiful music that lights up Marina Bay Sands and the Marina Bay area! The above photograph was shot close to the end of light show display, with the beautiful flower blossoming and rising, signifying a brand new start to the season!

The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands

The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, in the heart of Marina Bay area. A beautiful and expensive place for shopping, lovely architecture and designs inside, especially the curves you can see on the right side. This was shot with the Sony CyberShot DSC-QX100 review unit. The EXIF data at the side indicates the photo was shot at f/1.8 and I am impressed with the colours, quality and sharpness of the output from the Sony CyberShot DSC-QX100.

Quiet Back Alley in Singapore

The Sony CyberShot DSC-QX100 was with me for a review period of 2 weeks. I took it out on a night photography walkabout in the rustic Tiong Bahru estate in Singapore. Mounted on my iPhone 5, it served me well as my street photography camera during my night photography walkabout. This photograph was processed with the Instagram App and using filter Inkwell, before it was uploaded onto Instagram. It was straight off the QX100, simple processing with the Instagram app and the Inkwell filter applied. I just can't describe it further, this black and white night street photograph was something that I liked it immediately after applying the Instagram processing and filter!

Night Street Photography @ Tiong Bahru Estate

I was reviewing the Sony CyberShot DSC-QX100 and took it out for a night photography walkabout in one of Singapore's oldest heartlands, Tiong Bahru Estate. Attached to my iPhone 5 for a night street photography walkabout. This photograph was processed with the Instagram App and using filter Inkwell, before it was uploaded onto Instagram. It was straight off the QX100, simple processing with the Instagram app and the Inkwell filter applied. This was one of the shots that I took during the night street photography @ Tiong Bahru Estate that I liked it a lot straight away. The quality of the output from Sony CyberShot DSC-QX100 was pretty impressive at f/1.8 and at ISO 800.

River Hongbao 2014 Chinese New Year Eve Fireworks

A beautiful fireworks at River Hongbao 2014 welcomes the Chinese Lunar New Year with a big bang, ushering in the Year of the Horse! Wishing all a Happy Chinese Lunar New Year, especially for those who celebrate Chinese Lunar New Year! 祝大家新年快乐,万事如意,身体健康,在年,马上团圆、马上成功、马上发财、马上事成 ! Thank you all for your support and encouragement from the bottom of my heart! I deeply appreciate them!

The Beautiful Lush Greenery of MacRitchie Reservoir

MacRitchie Reservoir, part of the Central Catchment Area in Singapore. It is a gorgeous and beautiful lush rainforest belt located in the Central area of Singapore. This is accessed via Venus Drive, along a trail that leads you inside into different nature trails that connect to other areas such Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, MacRitchie Reservoir Park, HSBC TreeTop Walk. The area around Venus Drive is under scrutiny because of the potential Cross Island train line that might go under the Central Catchment Area and this will harm the rainforest. I hope that the Cross Island Line would divert and skirt around the Central Catchment area and we can keep the beautiful lush greenery of MacRitchie Reservoir and the Central Catchment Area.

The History of the Marsiling Tunnels

The Marsiling Tunnels in the northern part of Singapore, plays an integral part in Singapore's history during World War 2. It was part of the former British Naval Base that stretches from Woodlands to Sembawang Park. While the tunnel entrances are now sealed up and engulfed by the lush and beautiful Marsiling forest, her history and significance, the part that she played in Singapore's history will not be forgotten. A more detailed coverage of the Marsiling Tunnels is inside my post here -

Flying High and Proud - RSAF Black Knights

The RSAF Black Knights, the military aerobatics team of the Republic of Singapore Air Force, is making a return to show us their impressive and breathe taking sleek flying movements in the sky during Singapore Airshow 2014 as well as being part of RSAF celebrating 45 years defending the skies of Singapore! It was a great joy and delight to watch the RSAF Black Knights in action, I still remembered watching them during RSAF Open House 2008 and during National Day Parade 2008. During this particular manoeuvre, the RSAF Black Knights climbed up steep and high before turning around straight down towards the sea. The RSAF Black Knights will then split away like the pull of the Curtains. The RSAF Black Knights are simply awesome and they definitely mesmerised the spectators during Singapore Airshow 2014 and RSAF Open House 2014.

RSAF Black Knights

The Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) Black Knights performing an awesome and breathe-taking move during Singapore AirShow 2014. The RSAF Black Knights mesmerised the spectators during Singapore Airshow 2014 and the RSAF also celebrated their 45th anniversary too during Singapore Airshow 2014!

Shwedagon Pagoda

Shwedagon Pagoda, it's very grand and beautiful! The Pagoda stands out in the heart of Yangon and one of the most gorgeous locations that I photographed. The evening skyline and blue hour at Shwedagon Pagoda was simply amazing and breathe-taking, beyond any words and through my photographs can I share her grand aura and beauty. I didn't have enough time there at Shwedagon Pagoda and I will definitely go back there again to visit and capture more beautiful memories!

Maliwun Waterfall, Myanmar

Maliwun Waterfall, located in Kawthaung, Southern region of Myanmar. It's a beautiful and lovely waterfall, slowly changing and improving to welcome visitors in the future, with footpaths, leisure facilities and amenities. Not much information is available on Kawthaung area and also for Maliwun Waterfall too. I can't really pinpoint the Maliwun Waterfall location on the google map since I don't have sufficient knowledge of the Kawthaung region at this moment. There are chalets being build nearby to the Maliwun Waterfall entrance and in time to come, this would be a nice short getaway for visitors, both local and international. Currently, not many visitors have heard/visited Kawthaung area yet. In time to come, when the coastal area of Kawthaung opens up to future tourism development in the islands in the area, the area of Kawthaung will prosper and grow, probably in the next 5-10 years. I am researching and writing a short travel article of Kawthaung area, will update my URL link here when it is completed!

iLightMarinaBay 2014 - Celebration of Life

i Light Marina Bay 2014 returns to Singapore from 7th March to 30th March 2014 at the Marina Bay area. There are 30 lighting installations and this lighting installation at the Art Science Museum of Marina Bay Sands, is titled "Celebration of Life". I like lighting projections on the Art Science Museum, they give something unique and special to the Marina Bay landscape with the Central Business District as their background. If you are visiting Singapore from 7th March to 30th March, do drop by Marina Bay Singapore and check out i Light Marina Bay 2014! More information on the 3D Projection Installation "Celebration of Life" can be found here -

Sunset 7th March @ Marina Bay Singapore

The Marina Bay landscape is a well known destination/location in the world, with her Central Business District landscape of tall office buildings and skyline, forming part of the Marina Bay landscape of hotels, entertainment and shopping. Taken at the Marina Bay Grandstand Gallery/The Float @ Marina Bay, it's a popular spot to observe and enjoy the sunset of Singapore over the Central Business District skyline (just look at the photographers where they were standing)

Black-Backed Kingfisher

The Black-Backed Kingfisher, also known as the Oriental-Dwarf Kingfisher, a small kingfisher yet it is so beautiful and colourful. Spotted in the Central Catchment Area of Singapore, near to Venus Drive. It was really wonderful to finally capture a photograph of this beautiful and colourful kingfisher to my avian collection!

30s Slow Movement 3D Tic-Tac-Toe

At i Light Marina Bay 2014, there is an lighting artwork display titled 3D Tic-Tac-Toe, more information can be found here - Borrowing my friend's DK tripod, I decided to do a 30s exposure, starting from the centre, shifting to the left of the 3D Tic-Tac-Toe after 10s exposure for another 10s exposure. After that, I shifted to the right of the 3D Tic-Tac-Toe for another 10s exposure. My intention was to create a flow/arc of the 3D Tic-Tac-Toe movement and it was an interesting abstract and colourful outcome that I really like!

A Beautiful Sweet Smile

Tried out the latest Sony Alpha 6000 camera with the black and white creative style built inside the Sony Alpha 6000 at a media/bloggers event held at the Maison Ikkoku (Bar) at Kandahar Street. Took a photograph of the this pretty lady staff member of Maison Ikkoku (Bar) with her beautiful sweet smile.

Criterium Cyclists in motion

A panning shot of the professional criterium cyclists during OCBC Cycle 2014 in Singapore, the official media/video just happened to ride through across into my lens when this shot was snapped. It was a nice motion blur and added the feel of the slow flowing motion of the criterium cyclists in motion!

Wishing Cloud

i Light Marina Bay 2014, a sustainable light art festival in Singapore was held from 7th to 30th March 2014 at the Marina Bay area. This beautiful artwork is titled "Cloud" by Caitlind R.C. Brown and Wayne Garrett, located at The Float @ Marina Bay and it was a very popular artwork among the visitors to i Light Marina Bay 2014. It was also popular for photographers to shoot the "Cloud" during sunset and blue hour with the Marina Bay in the "Cloud" background. The "Cloud" was very distinct and bright with her many white lights forming the "Cloud". I was inspired by other photographers works to convert it into a black and white, giving the bright white "Cloud" the "attraction" and "attention". The "Cloud" simply stands out in Black and White!

A Parkour Leap of Faith

Brick Mansions Parkour Jam on the 19th April 2014, an event to celebrate the upcoming movie Brick Mansions on the 24th April 2014. This event was held outside The Cathay, there were many exciting performances by the Parkour community in Singapore. It was great to see both of them holding hands together to do a Parkour Leap of Faith!

TulipMania at Gardens By The Bay!

TulipMania is back at Gardens By The Bay in Singapore! With many different bright, colourful and gorgeous tulips lining up the Flower Dome inside Gardens By The Bay, TulipMania is a great attraction for many visitors, both local and international. TulipMania 2014 is now currently in bloom at the Flower Dome at Gardens By The Bay in Singapore until 4th May 2014! If you are visiting Singapore, do visit TulipMania at Gardens By The Bay!

Mesmerised by TulipMania!

TulipMania 2014 is currently now at the Flower Dome at Gardens By The Bay in Singapore! The tulips field are gorgeous, colourful and beautiful! Thanks to David of WK Photography for letting me try out Zeiss 85mm f/1.4, the bokeh and details are absolutely beautiful, smooth and silky! This really makes me mesmerised by TulipMania!

A Tulip's Gorgeous Night Glow

At TulipMania 2014 inside the Flower Dome at Gardens By The Bay in Singapore, there are many beautiful and gorgeous tulips nicely planted, attracting many visitors to TulipMania! When the night falls, lights were switched on. There was a spotlight shining on one of the tulips, just lighting it up nicely on the upper portion of the tulips petals. Somehow, I can't describe this moment further. I just love it, the feel, the abstractness, the tulip and the partial lighting.

Bubble Dreams!

An old childhood game that I grew up playing with, blowing bubble balloons. Nowadays, this form of childhood game is no longer part of the children games that they play in the modern society today, entertained by tablets, smartphones and computers. My pretty and cute little niece, very adorable and active! She had the chance to play with the bubble balloon made by her big cousins and enjoyed it thoroughly. The moment when my niece was holding the bubble balloons, with her eyes closed and smiling beautifully. I am wondering, what was insider her bubble dreams?

Quiet and Beautiful Sunset

It's a quiet and beautiful sunset at West Coast Park in Singapore, a nice place to relax and enjoy. While the sunset wasn't as "dramatic" as I had seen on some occasions, I love the blue sky and clouds that accompanied the sunset that day!

Streaks of Lights on Expressway

On the expressway with many motor vehicles traveling in the night, they do produce some beautiful streaks of lights straight on the road, sometimes crossing to the side road.

Sunset from Labrador Park in Singapore

Labrador Park, one of the many parks in Singapore. It is a beautiful and quiet location facing the southern coastline of Singapore and visitors can spot Sentosa island, Keppel Island, the busy container port terminal and many ships in our Western sector anchorage. This is also another good place to catch a sunset in Singapore, the sun sets in different directions over the course of the whole year. I am glad to catch a beautiful sunset over the container terminal. I got a sunset, shot from Labrador Park too, on 7th Jan 2012 - and the sunset was to the left of the sunset above.

Singapore's Green Corridor

This trail used to be part of the KTM Railway Tracks in Singapore, running from Tanjong Pagar Railway Station, located at the Southern part of Singapore towards the Northern part of Singapore before crossing over into Malaysia. While the KTM Railway tracks were no longer around, the former rail corridor was transformed into a green corridor, a beautiful nature trail that complements Singapore's development and balancing it with our nature and greenery. It's a delicate balance between our scarce land space and keeping our nature areas for leisure and recreation! This sector is only part of the entire Green Corridor and they give us the space and closeness to nature and greenery, along with the outdoor space for hiking, walking, cycling and bird watching! If you are visiting Singapore, do check out the Green Corridor and have a feel of Singapore's nature and greenery!

Me-In (美/In) Creative Director Kim Hye Jin

Me-In (美/In), Korean lifestyle online store - Me-In Creative Director, the pretty and gorgeous Kim Hye Jin, leads by example with her fashion and sweet smile at the launch of the Me-In Korean lifestyle online store in Singapore at Zafferano, Ocean Financial Centre Level 43. Visit Me-In and be mesmerised by the beautiful images of the "It Girl" and discover the fashion and accessories for the modern pragmatic lady!

Me-In (美/In) Model - JEONG Nari

Me-In (美/In), a Korean fashion lifestyle online store, , recently launched and showcased their "It Girl" in Singapore at Zafferano, Ocean Financial Centre Level 43. The beautiful and gorgeous model above, JEONG Nari, a freelance model from Korea for a variety of Korea online shopping malls since she turned 18, showcased the theme "Play". The dress looks really great on her, awesome fashion style! Visit Me-In and be mesmerised by the beautiful images of the "It Girl" and discover the fashion and accessories for the modern pragmatic lady!

Me-In (美/In) Model - KIM Siyeon

Me-In (美/In), a Korean fashion lifestyle online store, , recently launched and showcased their "It Girl" in Singapore at Zafferano, Ocean Financial Centre Level 43. The beautiful and gorgeous model above, KIM Siyeon, showcased the Me-In theme "Love" fashion. Siyeon has a very beautiful sweet smile with her electrifying eyes, that will turn heads and attention! Wearing the lovely black dress by Me-In, she definitely spreads her aura and beauty! What's the relationship between men and dresses? Siyeon shows that every beautiful and gorgeous lady will have that few "go to" dresses for that special date! The "go to" dress is a must have for the modern lady wardrobe! The dress looks really great on her, awesome fashion style! Visit Me-In and be mesmerised by the beautiful images of the "It Girl" and discover the fashion and accessories for the modern pragmatic lady!

Creative Portrait

This portrait shot was a combination of two factors - (1) Testing and reviewing the strobist photography starter kit by Poisonous Online Store - (2) Creative Portrait Tutorial - Game of Thrones Season 4 Portraits by 500px - The model above is Charmaine, my niece, who kindly volunteered to let me photograph her and create this creative portrait. It was a simple 1 soft box umbrella method with 580ex2 flash. The post processing was using 2 software, Aperture and Perfect Effects 8 to get this creative portrait out. I am really happy with the final output, the texture and colours, a bit similar to the Game of Thrones Season 4 creative portraits!

SEA Games 2015 One Year Countdown Fireworks

Singapore is hosting Southeast Asia Games in 2015 at our newly renovated and modern Singapore Sports Hub! Today, on the 27th June 2014, SEAGames started a One Year Countdown to SEAGames 2015! The Countdown Fireworks was also part of Singapore Sports Hub Community Open House 2014, to allow the public to know and explore more on the new Singapore Sports Hub and the various sporting activities that are a part of the Singapore Sports Hub!

World Club Rugby 10s Singapore 2014

World Club Rugby 10s was recently held in Singapore at the newly renovated National Stadium of the Singapore Sports Hub. The new National Stadium in Singapore was gorgeous and magnificent! It is perfect to hold many major sporting events in the future! While I had photographed Rugby 7s and watched the 7s and 15s Rugby Union game, it was my first time watching and photographing Rugby 10s game. The action was just as exciting and awesome! This was one of the sporting moments that I captured during World Club Rugby 10s Singapore 2014!

A Cat's Sweet Gaze

I was exploring an old HDB estate in one of Singapore's heartlands, known as Dakota Crescent. Some of the cats living in Dakota Crescent are really friendly and lovely! This friendly and cute cat caught my loving attention, fat and chubby too! Lovely paws, almost like white socks with some orange tint! My friend DK got the cat's attention and the cat gave him a sweet gaze! When the cat was gazing at DK, I quickly snapped a few shots of this cute cat and I loved the cat's sweet gaze!

Strobist Lighting Outdoor Shoot (2 speedlites)

I am learning Strobist Lighting using 2 speedlites and I followed David Tay of WK Photography along his corporate shoot recce and test shoot during one afternoon to evening. I learned more strobist lighting techniques, tips, tricks and a great exchange of different photographer’s views, perspectives and compositions. The recce and test shoot was a great time to bounce off ideas and perspectives and it’s a Win-Win for both of us! A speedlite at 45 degrees top-down (left of photographer) key/main light and another speedlite to the right side of photographer for fill/hair light. Shot close to the evening blue hour, a nice balance of blue sky with CBD crowds leaving their offices make it an interesting spot for future corporate/commercial shoot settings! David Tay photography links - -

Explore with my Star Wars Lego AT-RT

I was inspired by how Lego toys, mini figurines (such as Lego Travellers - and toy series like Danbo, their travel adventures and photographs around the world. When I started collecting Star Wars Lego and bought my Star Wars Lego 75002 AT-RT, I loved the AT-RT a lot and there was an inspiration to do my own personal exploration and photography project with my Star Wars Lego AT-RT! I would like to welcome you to follow along with my Star Wars AT-RT and myself for an adventure and exploration in places around Singapore that you may not have seen it before. I hope to continue it further traveling overseas when the opportunities arise! To kickstart, my Star Wars AT-RT is exploring and catching the sunset at West Coast Park in Singapore.

A Lighted Path in Darkness

One of Singapore's unique fun is exploring the park connector networks/walking routes in the park itself. Even in the night, some of our parks are well lighted up and pretty easy to access and explore! This was shot with the Sony Alpha 6000 review unit, testing the capabilities of high ISO 12,800 and shooting at wide aperture full open f/3.5. This is Berlayer Creek Mangrove Trail, part of Labrador Nature and Coastal Walk. Easily accessible from Labrador Park MRT Station during the day and night! Do explore our various Parks and Park Connectors in Singapore!

HDR MarinaBay

From Gardens By The Bay East, you are able to view the beautiful Marina Bay and Raffles Place Central Business District from there. While I have been there a few times, I didn't capture this particular framing. This was shot with a composition of 3 photographs using an exposure timing of 10s, 20s and 30s. The aperture is at f/11 and ISO is at 100. The 3 photographs were combined together using the HDR Tool of Canon Digital Photo Professional software and saving it as Art Vivid.

Met the Friendly Cat again!

When I went to revisit and explore Dakota Crescent again recently, I went to look for the friendly cat that I took the other day. This cute and friendly cat, kind of remembered me and came up to me with the other friendly neighbourhood cats too! It's therapeutic to combine cats and photography together! They let you de-stress!

Four People

I was exploring Pandan Reservoir Park in Singapore on a Monday evening that happened to be a public holiday too. While walking along reservoir embankment/bund, I was on lower ground and happened to look up. It was an ideal scene for me, there was a person sitting along on the bench. The background was turning into a beautiful blue hour and I waited for a short while for more people to enter the frame. I didn't have to wait for long, there were 3 more people walking along and just as I saw one of them raising his arm in the air, I just pressed the shutter and managed to capture this image. They were just like me, finding places to relax and enjoy with their friends. While I do it with a camera, they enjoyed their leisure time with their friends or just relaxing the tranquil and quiet time at Pandan Reservoir Park.

Rogue Squadron ready to strike Empire AT-AT!

Put Star Wars, Lego and photography fanatics together, we will think of Star Wars scenes from the Star Wars Saga or creating our own Star Wars scenes with our beloved Lego Star Wars toys! The AT-AT and Snowspeeder belonged to Marcus and we had a fun time creating our own scenes with Lego Star Wars! This was created with the inspiration on the Empire AT-AT entering into a valley and the Rogue Squadron Snowspeeder diving in from above to attack the AT-AT! Hopefully, my friends and myself can replicate the Battle of Hoth scene in Empire Strikes Back!

Sunset 25th July 2014

The evening sunset in Singapore on the 25th July 2014. It was bright and colourful, pleasing and soothing to the mind and soul. I never get bored watching and photographing sunsets, they are just so beautiful when the sky and lights match together!

NDP 2014 Rehearsal Fireworks

Singapore is going to celebrate her 49th birthday soon in the month of August. Currently, there are rehearsals for our National Day Parade 2014 and I was able to capture the fireworks display during the most recent NDP 2014 rehearsal on 19th July 2014. This shot was taken from the Marina Promontory, a favourite location to watch and photograph fireworks display at the Marina Bay!

Where Does This New Journey Leads Me?

A new journey begins, like this part of the disused old railway track of the Old Jurong Line in the Clementi Woodlands, part of the KTM Raliway, where it was given a new lease of life with the community farming nearby this area. Now as I start to trek towards the end of this railway track where the beauty and lights beckon towards me, welcoming me with open arms. It's a start of a new hope, a new journey, a new beginning, a new dream and a new era! Will You Walk With Me in this new journey? You'll Never Walk Alone!

Our Common Housing Corridor

The Housing Development Board (HDB) public housing common corridor, it was a common sight and design in earlier Singapore's public housing estates. This HDB block at Sims Drive and her common corridor faces a major cross junction of 2 major expressways in Singapore, the Kallang-Paya Lebar Expressway and the Pan-Island Expressway. This is shot with the Casio EXILIM EX-100 with the Art effect function.

3 x Public Telephones

In today's modern technology and smartphone connectivity, public coin pay phones are not a common sight as compared to 10 or 20 years ago. While walking in a neighbourhood at Sims Drive, near my showroom office location, I found 3 public pay phones on the same wall. When was the last time you used a pay telepphone ?

Singapore Night Festival 2014

Singapore Night Festival 2014 is back with a big bang, happening over two weekends on Friday 22 and Saturday 23 August and the following weekend Friday 29 and Saturday 30 August. This year's Singapore Night Festival promises to be Big and Bold, it's going to be beautiful and bright, just like the National Museum of Singapore, lighted up on its facade as one of Singapore Night Festival 2014 performance locations! If you are in Singapore during this period of time, don't miss out Singapore Night Festival 2014!

Night Lights 2014: Divine Trees

Night Lights, part of Singapore Night Festival 2014, is one of the popular attractions during the Singapore Night Festival. This artwork title is "Divine Trees" by Clement Briend, a French photographer. The image may look scary and ghostly, yet it looks so surreal and peaceful. The photographic artwork light projections are a study of the divine and the spiritual in the world, made visible by projection onto objects of nature by Clement Briend. This Divine Tree is overlooking the National Museum of Singapore, giving its blessing to Singapore Night Festival 2014 and welcoming visitors to Singapore Night Festival 2014.

William Close at SG Night Festival

William Close and the Earth Harp Collective graced Singapore Night Festival 2014, the main performing arts act for the 7th edition of the Singapore Night Festival. His Earth Harp mesmerised the crowds with his beautiful music and performances on the Earth Harp and along with his Earth Harp Collective, they produced many awesome performances over two weekends and this was captured in the grand finale performance of the Singapore Night Festival 2014. While the performances were bright and colourful in the night, I decided to do something differently, using the black and white film filter software DxO Film Pack 3 (partially inspired by U2 Rattle and Hum)